Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lace..Crochet..Tassles..Oh my!

No longer are 'lace' and old-fashioned' used in the same sentence! This popular fashion trend surfaced last year and now in 2011..its here to stay!
This year on the catwalk lace really has taken over, from Pucci to Roberto Cavalli, Valentino and Alexander Mcqueen..
And as designers seek out to try something new, crochet and tassels  are beginning to emerge on the runway.
From maxi dresses, to bags, party dresses  to giant jumpers...what was once 'grandmas craft project' is now high fashion!
I'm obsessed with lace and crochet at the moment because they can be used in so many different ways! Pair a pretty lace skirt with a leather jacket for a stylish or edgy look. Wear a floaty lace dress over bathers to the beach - or add some  heels and wear to a  night out!
And as for tassels...well, who would have thought those funny little things that hang off curtains would one day be fashioned into belts, dresses, and necklaces!

 Embrace Lace
 Play with Crochet
    and Dazzle with Tassels!
                                Paul and Joe                                                       Olivia Palermo  
                                                                                                         Valentino Dress 

                                   Roberto Cavalli                                           Jen Kao

                    I'm not sure who this is but I love                                   Mark Fast
                      the over sized crochet jumper!                                                   

Xox Alyce


Fanny said...

I can't get enough of that dress from Olivia, this is so so so pretty! If i could buy it , i would. lovely x
thanks for your comment, i follow you x

NerdGlasses said...

Following you your blog is amazing!
Follow me too?

Giò said...

Hy Alyce! Great job! I love OLivia's dress. I think it is great! It helps me in my searching! You know...the lace dress... A hug, Giò

Anonymous said...

Awesime, choice in clothing! I love the first one. Great blog!

Robyn said...

Love olivia polermo's dress. So chic.

crystal glamour said...

loveeee Olivia's dress :)

first giveaway: Hard Candy makeup products

Whoop it up! said...

love all those dresses especially this one from Paul and Joe (:

follow us too ?

SH said...

visit and follow me if you like :)

JoJo said...

im loving lace, tassles, frills and crochet right now!

such a pretty trend!


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