Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gypsy meets Warrior

The other day, I was flipping through FashionTrend magazine and looking at the pictures of all the recent runway shows, when I had a sudden wave of inspiration to (just for fun) design something completely different to anything I'd seen before.  I mean, that's what fashion is all about right? - reinventing the old and experimenting  to create something completely new!
The catwalk isn't usually a place for the more 'practical' clothes so I decided to try and come up with a really different, out there theme for my 'mini collection'...Somehow I got: Gypsy Warrior?!
Okay, so I'll explain, Gypsies  follow no fashion rules with their long flowing skirts, silk headscarves, bright coloured fabrics, and an overall air of freedom. A warrior on the other hand would wear a structured heavy armour.. think studs and silver and gladiator sandals! So what on earth would you get if you combined the two?

Here are some of my ideas..

This  is one of my favourites. It is a combination of the warriors armour
and the gypsy's flowing skirt.  The dress  has  a structured, armour-like plate
across the shoulders , and also has a stiff, studded bodice.
However the rest of the dress is airy and flowing (representing the gypsy).

 Keeping to the dress + shoulder plate theme.
The diamond at the center would be cutout.

So the question is:  'Gypsy Warrior'... Hit, or Miss?
(I designed these as 'fashion experiments'  and would love to hear what you think, so feel free to comment! If you post a question I'll happily reply)

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Xox Alyce


jessica said...

this is such a dedicated blog. you are a great drawer! keep up the great effort!

add me

elle said...

Great great great designs!!! Bravo!!

Sarah Bianchi said...

I like it! These draws are really cool!! so i say...Yes :D
big kisses

Ashlyn said...

I think it is a really good concept and would be a hit among the more conceptual fashion set. Great drawings! If you ever go into a JoAnn's craft store they have these notebooks with models sketched out called Hoakey Croakeys and the predrawn lines go away when scanned, if that is something you would enjoy!

kayla marie said...

love it!
new post up let me know what you think.

ALYCE said...

thank you all for such nice comments! :)

to ashlyn: thanks for the tip about the sketching books, i'll have a look out for them!


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So amazing. Enter my giveaway? x hivennn.

Giò said...

Great Job Alyce! I think it's a good idea! I love gypsy and this combination sounds interesting! Giò

Fanny said...

OMG! that is amazing! you do it very well! keep practicing and you will be a great designer.
I am starting drawn lessons next month. hope i can do it as well as you; kiss x

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