Saturday, February 5, 2011

Soaked in Vintage

'My Sister Pat' onepiece
Do you remember that famous scene in 'The Notebook'; the one where Rachael McAdams is splashing in the ocean saying"I'm a bird, I'm a bird."?  (watch video)

Why do I mention it? Well, next time you watch this movie, take notice  of her 50's style bathers….. Envious? ...Well guess what, I've found something better!

The other day I was in a cute, little vintage store with my friend when we found the prettiest, must-have bathers I think I've ever seen! These vintage inspired bikinis and bathers playsuits  are by Melbourne fashion label 'My Sister Pat'. (Each style  features rubber shirring (non perishable), which simply means you can wear them in salt water and chlorine and they won't get ruined! I.LOVE.THEM!)

And the good news: 'My Sister Pat' is only one of many brands who are in on this trend!

First worn by Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, and many other style and Hollywood icons, 50's style bathers are now making a comeback - with high waisted bikinis, and bandeau tops popping up everywhere! And why wouldn't they? With their very flattering silhouette, they're becoming the must-have cut.

Brigitte Bardot

I'll definitely be saving up for a pair of my own! If only I 'd discovered them at the start of Summer!  

'My Sister Pat' 

   Marilyn Monroe

'My Sister Pat'

xox Alyce


Visions of said...

I LOVE that scene in the notebook! 50's-style bathers are definitely gorgeous! Great post!

Miss_Sweetheart said...

Now, I gotta invest in a vintage bathing suit! :)

Queta´style said...

Wow divine bath suit i wish one

I follow you now.

Follow each other?

Anonymous said...

love the suits!

Anna said...

Love vintage look swimming suits. Hope I'll find one for Summer. Although they are not the best for tanning!

Victoria said...

God, I need summer to be here so I can wear things like this! I'm dying here, they're so beautiful.
Great post :)

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