Thursday, January 13, 2011

A burst of colour

Birthday party- 11/1/2011
Imagine a world without colour...

The other day I went to my adorable little cousins 1st birthday. The house was filled with dozens of balloons whose  bright colours created a fun, party vibe. Inspired by the Dior Cherie perfume ad, I luckily managed to have this photo taken BEFORE all my younger cousins discovered just how fun it is to inhale the helium out of balloons!

Those balloons got me thinking...

As much as I love to wear the classics: black and white, I think that fashion and colour were made for each other!
Colours are endless, and each one has the ability to influence our emotions...

Blue is deep
Andrew Gn                                                      Monique Lhuille

 Green is jealous

 Ellie Saab                                                            Monique Lhuille

Pink is giggly and fun

                                           Martin Grant                                                           Peter Som

Red is confident

 Lanivn                                                           Monique Lhuille

Gold is luxurious

 Armani Prive                                                            Ellie Saab

Purple is mysterious

 Christain Dior                                                     Matthew Williamson

Yellow is happiness

 Christian Dior                                                            Nina Ricci

When you wear one (or many!) colours they can express how you're feeling, or change how others see you. Of course not everyone will suit every single colour, but if you don't look good in say an aqua coloured dress, why not wear it in a bracelet or shoes instead?

So be inspired by colour!
It's weird because as I was writing this post, I looked out the window and saw a full, colourful rainbow just outside!!
All those colours floating in the sky..
Like balloons.
xox Alyce

Runway photos from


bear cat blogger said...

thank you! just followed your blog=)

Petra said...

all these dresses are amazing!! :}}

Giò said...

Hy Alyce! Thank you so much for all the comments you write on my blog! You've made a great job on yours. You have already 20 followers in just a few time! Great! I agree with you: The colours are really important in our life. I can't live without colours. Thanks for this beautiful post! A hug, Giò

Cati G. said...

i didn't know all that about the colours.. maybe i choose what to wear depending on my mood, without even realising.. i love a splash of colour on a look!
check out my blog, i'll be following you :)


Thekla said...

thnx for the sweet comment and i agree to follow each other:) im now following waiting for you also to follow:)xxx

jessica said...

this is soo cool!
your so pretty.

jess xx
follow me?

kaarim said...

I really think the same about those colors :D

Salony said...

I also love colors, love wearing them because black is so ... black ;). Love the blue and gold dresses!

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