Friday, September 9, 2011

Arty Yves

There are some things in life,  that we just want. An Yves St Laurent's 'Arty Oval Ring' is one of those things.

I first stumbled across these stunning, eye catching rings months ago and fell instantly, obsessively in love with them! In colours ranging from a volcanic coral, mesmerising turquoise, magical rockpool blue, and pearly pink, it is hard to pick a favourite!

My obsession with these gorgeous rings was reconfirmed last weekend, when while at a cafe I spotted a girl wearing an amazing turquoise one, and then that night...I dreamt about it?!?!

If anyone happens to have a spare one lying around.... you know where to find me! Otherwise, I will continue my dreaming about the day I finally get an YSL arty oval ring!


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