Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Cocoa not Chanel!

Happy Easter!
(Sorry I'm a little late!)

Chocolate is traditionally seen as a delicious, sweet indulgence..

But can it be used in fashion?

The answer in yes. 'The Chocolate Fashion Show' is an event hosted annually all over the world; this year taking place in the very fashionable city of New York. Keeping true to its name, the show features amazing outfits created through the collaboration of designers and chocolatiers, which are then showcased in a mouthwatering catwalk show!

If you're a choco-shopa-holic, then this is your must-see show of the year!

Small dessert chocolates take the place of hair decorations, buttons, and jewellery. While some of the outfits look like you could just break a piece off and eat it! Practicality and comfort is definitely not a high priority, and unless you enjoy feeling like a human chocolate fountain - you wouldn't want to be caught out in the heat in one of these outfits!

So from the kitchen shelf to the runway, what do you think about these guilty pleasures of fashion? 

 Click on any of the 'mouthwatering' images below to enlarge!

xox Alyce

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Front Row Louis Vuitton

I'm sorry I haven't posted for so long! I've been so caught up in other things, but that's really no excuse. So here's how I'm going to make it up to you all; you are all going to sit front row at a Louis Vuitton Show...

Okay not really, but what I have found is practically that! I literally can't describe it but in their most recent show, Louis Vuitton used a 360 degrees camera, so that in the video (I've posted as a link to below,) you actually (and I'm not just saying that!) feel like you're there!

You can 'look around' and move the camera to whatever angle you want, and watch as the models walk right past you! It's the weirdest thing and trust me, to understand you have to try it for yourself!

Click on the link below!


xox Alyce

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who's that... Girl?

Okay, so many of you will be wondering; what's so special about this model?...

The model in question is Andrej Pejic. Andrej is 19, was born in Bosnia but raised in my very own city - Melbourne, was the model in the new Marc by Marc Jacobs ad, and is the fresh, new face of Jean-Paul Gaultier's Spring Ad campaign. 

No doubt this model is gorgeous. But like I said earlier, what's the big deal? You're probably thinking: "So what, we get it, she's pretty!"
Well, Stop. Right. There.

'She' is not a she at all. This gorgeous, glamorous, blonde beauty, called Andrej Pejic... is in fact a MAN!!!

Andrej has taken cross-dressing to a whole new level - this is no Rocky-Horror Picture Show. According to the media, designers, and many others, THIS is High Fashion.

But what message is the Fashion World trying to send by having a male model pose as a woman?

Should we be offended? Many female models are already pushing themselves to the limit to obtain the skinny, 'boy-like' bodies that are demanded of them in the cut-throat modelling industry. By sending a boy dressed as a girl down the runway, is this just saying that women will never be good enough? Andrej has the face of a girl, but the tall, un-curvy figure of a boy; the perfect combination for many designers.  So where does that leave the female models, who as hard as they try, will never be able to achieve this?…

Or is this a good thing? A sign of how the world is moving forward and into the future. Where social 'norms' and stereotypes are being discarded, to make way for the acceptance of those who are a little bit different…

Finally, it was a big milestone when women began to dress like men (wearing a feminised version of the suit), however it has never been normal for this situation to be reversed. Will Andrej mark the start of clothing not being targeted to just one gender?...

Or is this just a big publicity stunt? There are so many ways you could interpret this very different portrayal of fashion. So maybe its better to stop analysing it, and accept it for what it is. Who knows.

These are just a few of my thoughts,  I'm personally quite fascinated by Andrej and have to keep reminding myself that he's not actually a girl! I'll be very interested to see where his career goes.

I'd love to know what you all  think (so make sure to leave a comment!) because I'm sure everyone will have their own opinion on this and on fashions newest star; Andrej!

xox Alyce


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