Sunday, December 26, 2010

Art? Fashion?..Or Architecture?

The fine lines between fashion and art are very often blurred, but  it is not everyday that architecture and interior design find themselves walking down a catwalk.

When I found these pictures from the recent 'Mary Katrantzou - Ready to wear' fashion show, I was quite fascinated by and fell instantly in love with the bizarre clothing! In short; she has very creatively  designed a collection of clothing that resembles the insides of a house! With lampshade skirts, chandelier necklaces, and curtain like detailing,these are clothes that are simply impossible to ignore, and to me - oddly inspiring. I think she has proven that when it comes  to fashion and creativity; there are no limits and you really can draw inspiration from anywhere..!

xox Alyce

Monday, December 20, 2010

World fashion...Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan ...In my eyes it's one of the best places in the world to find UNIQUE, QUIRKY, and VERY ORIGINAL  fashion ! That's why I would love to one day visit this country where fashion really has gone crazy and the people freely wear things you couldn't get away with anywhere else! It's like they've jumped straight out of a cartoon or something, with their frills, bows  and lace!.. Their  bright colours and party dresses!                                                 
'Harajuku' is what this style of dressing is called and its pretty much dress ups gone wild! If only the streets of Melbourne were like this, how much fun would that be!

So for anyone lucky enough  to visit Japan, make sure to  try out some of these fantasy/colour-crazy/doll-like trends for yourself!  I know I would!

                    Xox Alyce

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shades of Summer

If there's one thing I love about Summer, it's the beach. So what better excuse is there to go out and buy some of the quirky, bright sunglasses in shops at the moment!?

Think outside the square… literally! Because judging by the Spring/Summer fashion shows, weird is in, and I in particular am loving these very ROUND Marni sunglasses!

SAVE: 'Jeepers Peepers           SPLURGE: These cute
Natalie' sunglasses,                      'Marni' sunglasses (above),
(left), $40                                       approx. $525

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The first of many...

So this right now is my first ever post! How exciting!

I'm Alyce (Ah-Lease), and no it is not pronounced Alice.

'Alyce in wonderland' is a blog about fashion... but from a different angle. Because it won't just be about one area in the massive world of fashion, but about all the exciting little places in between.

I love to dream about owning high end designer clothes; quilted Chanel purses, a Burberry trench, Miu Miu shoes.... But then I also can't help but get excited when I discover an affordable, unknown little boutique. I'm still at school so yes the word 'affordable' is quite appealing! And if I can find something stylish yet unique...well the shop goes straight into my long list of favourites! I flip through the pages of glossy magazines and get inspiration from the stunning original clothes. As someone who loves to draw, fashion design is something I really want to do when I'm older. As for making my own clothes...well I'm getting I just have to learn how to use the sewing machine!

'Alyce In Wonderland' will be about art and fashion and design, about what to wear, the latest trends, but also how to find original pieces that will make everyone jealous! It will be about everything fashion.

Follow me, you won't be disappointed!
Forget Alice, this is my wonderland.

xox Alyce

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