Sunday, February 13, 2011


Romance Was Born
On the catwalk, convention struts its way right out the window.

With some of the more think-outside-the-square, creative designers; McQueen, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Christian Dior,  fashion 'rules' are often broken and imagination is left to take over. I think this is why I love fashion and design.

Especially with haute couture, you can really do anything and push the boundaries of what is 'in' and 'normal'. Seriously, half the things we see walking down the runway aren't actually practical to wear; a lot of things don't even make it to the shelves! They are purely art.

My new fashion love: 'Romance Was Born' is a Sydney brand where you'll never know what innovative, kooky, amazing designs are going to be created. For example, its most recent catwalk show was named 'Renaissance Dinosaur'…!

The world is serious enough... It's about time fashion ran wild!
Christian Dior                                          Jean-Paul Gaultier                                             Christian Dior

xox Alyce


Fanny said...

what an art ! x

Sarah Bianchi said...

wow these dress look coming out fron wonderlad for real!! so nice!!

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