Monday, May 23, 2011

Live below the line

Today I began my first day of the 'Live below the line' challenge. This inspiring campaign was created to raise awareness and much needed funds for people living in extreme poverty.

With a budget of merely $10 for food and drink to last me the whole 5 days, (that's just $2 a day!!), it's definitely going to be a hard and at times draining challenge, and I know that for this week I will be hungry for a lot of each day.

But I am fortunate because at the end of the week, I can go back to normal.  Not everyone is this lucky. For 1.4 BILLION people (that's over 60 times the population of Australia), this is how they live all day, every day.
And for these people the $2 has to cover more than just food; it has to spread between health, housing, transport, food, education…
It's pretty hard to imagine living like this.

Money raised from this event will go straight to the Oaktree Foundation, which is helping to build schools, train teachers, and provide learning materials to the 'Yangi' communities who live 'Below the line' everyday in the mountains of Papua New Guinea. This education will hopefully help break the cycle of extreme poverty, and allow the people to strive for a better future.

So if you want to support me in this challenge, and at the same time make an important contribution to a very worthy cause, click on the link below. Whether it's $1 or $100, it doesn't matter, because as I'm learning this week, EVERY cent counts.

xox Alyce

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