Tuesday, March 22, 2011

L'Oreal Fashion Festival PART 1 - The Fashion

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival...
The other night I went to my first real fashion show; the L'Oreal Paris Runway 1, and I think I may have just lapsed into a dream state whilst there! It was quite simply: Amazing.

What caught my eye at first was not the length of the runway (which may I add looked like a rather painful hike for the stiletto wearing models!) but the massive crowd of photographers crushed together at the end! With their very expensive looking cameras poised and ready, it was quite funny to watch, and displayed a very different view of the catwalk!

Nina Maya
Hosted by Grazia, it showcased the latest creations from Australian designers such as Sass and Bide, Nina Maya, Leona Edmiston, Carla Zampatti, Rachel Gilbert, and one of my favourites; Romance Was Born.

Each mini collection was completely different from the rest, yet I did notice a re-occuring biker type trend subtly mixed into them all.

Edgy was definitely in; from Nina Maya's edgy thigh-high, lace up leather boots,  to the black leather knuckle gloves displayed by Rachel Gilbert. (I actually loved these and can see them becoming a big trend this Winter!!).

Rachel Gilbert
(Just look at those gloves!! So cool!) 
Romance was Born used clashing, bright prints and for me the words 'Harlequin' and 'Court Jester' sprung to mind. 

Whereas Sass and Bide embraced a more futuristic look with bronze metal belts, reflective satin jumpsuits, and cut away dresses.

Leona Edmiston brought back the black with sophisticated dresses and dark sunglasses, except I'm not too sure about the spotted veils all the models wore… From where I was sitting I wasn’t sure if it was part of the garment or if they'd drawn big black dots onto their face!

However, I loved Carla Zampatti's flowing gowns, and the furry white (was it a bag??) carried by one of the models added a unique touch.

Sass and Bide

All of the clothes were undeniably gorgeous, so I was extremely excited when a few days later I discovered a website where you can buy all the looks straight off the runway!! (Click here to go to website)

(If any of you watched Australia's Next Top Model last year then you probably recognise the model (picture to the right), Sophie!
I absolutely love the show so was very starstruck to see her strutting down the runway along with another former contestant; Cassi Van Den Dungen.)

Leona Edminson
Romance Was Born

 Carla Zampatti

Anyway, that's all I'll post for now or this thing could go on forever! Part 2 coming soon!...

xox Alyce


Piia said...

This post is great! I always love seeing photos from fashion shows.. In a word: AMAZING! :)


ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing shots and nice post! Thanks for sharing!!!

Sassi said...

great pictures! I really love all those styles.

Alice said...

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I loved your blog. Very interesting!!
I am already a follower.
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pretty blog! i like the colors..now following, i hope you can also! i'm a designer from NY, i just started my blog and i would really appreciate the support :-) thank you so much!

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