Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back to the Futurism

Futurism: no I'm not referring to the fashion that people will be wearing in 'The future', in a time of hover-cars, timetravel, and aliens! Nor is about shiny tin foil looking outfits that would fit right in on an intergalactic spaceship...

Futurism is an art movement that originated in Milan, Italy (yes the fashion capital Milan!) in the early 20th century (1909).

It involves the principal of creating 'movement' in unfluid objects or materials, and showing speed and motion - often through the use of repetition. It was influenced by the growing use of technology at that time and machinery in particular. The camera was seen as a powerful tool for futurists as it was able to 'freeze' a moment, which could then be replicated through art.

This popular art form is still used today over a wide range of media: fashion, art, architecture, and sculpture.

Currently I'm studying it in art  - we're creating sculptures using the futurism model - and now that I know what it is I can see how often it is used in the fashion world! Whenever you see structured outfits that don't  quite make sense on the human body (think Alexander McQueen!) then you're probably looking at a futurism piece!

Shaggy, spikey, and spider-web-heeled shoes

This hairstyle fascinates me...
It reminds me of something weird, I just can't think what!

Yes, this is a glowing bag!

So, as 'futurists' would say: Live in the present, look forward to the future, and don't get lost in the past. I hope you're now inspired like I was.

xox Alyce


Syrious said...

the glowing bag is AMAZING!!!
and also some shoes and the first gaga's metal dress!

there is also a Giveaway on!!!

Anna said...

Wow the shoes are amazing. I love your blog, am now following you.

jessica said...

oh i love all this! the shoes, the glowing clothes and bag! im definitely inspired :)
keep up the good work!

Piia said...

I amazed by the hair-style pics! In addition to the great hair-do, I can´t get my eyes of those clothes!!

xx Piia

Dot said...

I love the weird ponytail & the red shoes

zoelovefashion said...

Lovely post!
I love your blog!
Maybe we can follow eachother?

Nici said...

interesting post! i'm following you, follow me back?

Nici from

Kasia W. said...

those dresses look awesome!

Erica Wark said...

Oh my gosh! Those shoes are absolutely AMAZINGG! I am so in love!

xx Erica

Sarah said...

Loving your blog Alyce! Yes that's right...I finally joined the blogging world on your recommendation!


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