Monday, December 20, 2010

World fashion...Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan ...In my eyes it's one of the best places in the world to find UNIQUE, QUIRKY, and VERY ORIGINAL  fashion ! That's why I would love to one day visit this country where fashion really has gone crazy and the people freely wear things you couldn't get away with anywhere else! It's like they've jumped straight out of a cartoon or something, with their frills, bows  and lace!.. Their  bright colours and party dresses!                                                 
'Harajuku' is what this style of dressing is called and its pretty much dress ups gone wild! If only the streets of Melbourne were like this, how much fun would that be!

So for anyone lucky enough  to visit Japan, make sure to  try out some of these fantasy/colour-crazy/doll-like trends for yourself!  I know I would!

                    Xox Alyce

1 comment:

Giò said...

These japanese are so creative! A hug, Gio

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