Thursday, June 2, 2011

The strange...and the stranger

Nowadays, everything is art.

Because who can say what is or isn't; it's all a matter of perspective and personal taste. How else can we explain artists painting one coloured line across an otherwise blank canvas, then having it hung in a museum and justified as art?

Fashion is an art form, so does that mean that there is no right and wrong in fashion; that someone could send a model dressed in an oversized paperbag down the runway and call it couture? Designers do this ALL the time (not with paperbags necessarily!), they create fashion looks that no sane person would ever wear in their normal life, yet they are somehow acceptable on the runway, and seen as 'art'.

I have no problem with this, in fact it's one of the things I love about fashion and couture shows. Fashion designers transform into artists as their inner thoughts and feelings translate into completely mindblowing outfits, or shocking fashion statements created to push the boundaries as far as possible.

Is there a line? When does fashion stop being fashion and just become...strange?

I think these innovative, crazy outfits from the 'Beckmans College of Design fashion show' are definitely pushing that barrier and balancing on the fine line between art and insanity!


xox Alyce


The Cat Hag said...

These outfits are crazy indeed, but still inspirational and wonderful. :)

The Cat Hag

La Couturess said...

I love this post! The last design is amazing. I agree, Fashion is an art. And all art is a little insane. If it's not, it's just boring. (:

La Couturess

Sara said...

These clothes are ridiculous! At least it gets everybody's attention, right? I just started following you and would be grateful if you followed back.


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